Jewish Editorials Say Jeremy Corbyn Is an 'Existential Threat'

Jewish Editorials Say Jeremy Corbyn Is an ‘Existential Threat’

Jewish Editorials Say Jeremy Corbyn Is an 'Existential Threat'
By Chatham House, London [CC BY 2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons
Labour Party has strictly denied such opinions

Three Jewish newspapers, Jewish Telegraph, Jewish Chronicle, and Jewish News, mounted a broadside attack on the decision taken by the Labour Party not to completely absorb a global definition of anti-Semitism in its media code of conduct. The newspapers, which report the state of affairs through a Jewish lens, have issues with Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party leader, from the time he took over the helms of the party in 2015.

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The three newspapers went a step further to condemn the conduct of the Labour Party. The newspapers contributed to a common editorial, the content of which pointed out that until now the Labour Party was the natural go to political space for British Jews. The party, they lamented, was not the same after Corbyn took over. The Labour Party, the editorial alleged, is now contaminated by the Corbynite flavor of contempt towards Israel and Jews. The state of affairs of the party is now so low, they said, that it can now be regarded as institutionally racist. They warned that if this continues, then Jews could suddenly feel unsafe in Britain.

The Labour Party has since then responded to such concerns. A party spokesperson said the party has taken note of the concerns raised by the British Jewish community. He admitted that the party must work a lot to regain the confidence and trust of UK Jews. The spokesperson assured everyone that the Labour Party is no threat whatsoever to the Jews resident in Britain. The official Labour Party statement said the wellbeing and security of British Jews are a priority of the party. When in government, the Labour Party will make sure that Jewish institutions, schools, and synagogues are effectively protected so that they come to no harm along with the attendees.

Conservative British Jews are aware that Labour has a fair chance of forming the next UK Government. The party has benefited, and continue to do so, from the Brexit related disarray in the Conservative government led by Theresa May, the present Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Although the election dates are a long way off, about four years away, the disagreement over the UK-European Opinion has brought forward the chance that the UK voters may have to plod to their voting centers quicker than anticipated. The Labour Party is currently battling the perception that it tolerated ant-Semitic views held by a few of its members within it. Britain is presently home to approximately 270,000 Jews.


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