JCC’s Hit with Fourth Wave of Bomb Threats

JCCs across the country targeted for the fourth time in five weeks.

Jewish community centers in America have been facing bomb threats for some time. This trend is on the rise, and it continues to be a source of worry among the Jewish community. In response, the Jewish community centers are being prompted to do forced evacuations. The bomb threats on Monday February 20, 2017 are now the fourth time JCC’s have been targeted since January.[/tweetit] The threats have sent shivers down some spines in the Jewish community. Not only have the threats caused fear, but they have also unsettled several families. The Jewish community has been rattled due to this turn of events.

JCC’s Hit with Fourth Wave of Bomb Threats.[/tweetthis]

Jewish community centers in Birmingham, Alabama; Texas, New York and Minnesota are just but some of the states that have recently fallen victim to telephone terrorism. The caller is said to be using a voice disguiser and it is believed to be the same caller that has been issuing the threats to the different centers. No bombs were uncovered. Neither the patrons nor the members of the Jewish community centers were physically harmed.

In recent weeks, some centers have received multiple threats. The rise in the wave of hatred towards the Semitic group started during Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. The threats have reportedly escalated after his election. More than seventy instances of anti-Jewish hatred have been reported since Trump’s election. The trend of hate incidence is alarming, and not only is it directed towards the Jewish community but to other religious communities in the country. The Semitic community remains the most affected according to an analysis by ThinkProgress. During a news conference, President Trump was questioned by three reporters about the spark in hatred towards the Semitic community. He declined to comment and instead remarked, “I am the least anti-Semitic person you’ve ever seen in your entire life.”

The Secure Community Network through its national director, Paul Goldenberg, sought to reassure the Jewish community that the situation is under control. It is not known whether the calls were live calls or recorded however, Goldenberg said, “It appears to be the same serial caller.” Adding “The JCCs are well equipped to handle this.” The director did not confirm where any of the threats took place, but he said they took place across the country and they are “monitoring the situation.” Paul further downplays the fact that the threats were issued on President’s day when more people would be inside the centers during the day saying it “does not appear to be a factor in the threats.”

Hours later, some centers resumed operations after investigations by police officers and FBI officers confirmed everything was clear. The Harry and Rose Samson Family, Jewish Community Center, is among those that re-opened after investigations. The Jewish community center in St Paul Minnesota, including an early childhood program, remained closed pending investigations as the members and students were moved to a nearby fire station.


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