Islamic Relief Charity Feeds The Downtrodden During Ramadan

Islamic Relief Charity Feeds The Needy During Ramadan

Islamic Relief Charity Feeds The Downtrodden During Ramadan

Muslims In War-Torn Regions Get Food To Help Them Complete The Holy Month

Islam has five basic acts that every Muslim should follow called the Five Pillars of Islam. The Islamic Relief charity organization tries to help Muslims in conflict regions using two of these pillars; Ramadan and Zakat.

Islamic Relief Charity Feeds The Needy During Ramadan[/tweetthis]

Ramadan is the current holy month during which Muslims must fast during the daytime. However, in regions of the world that have extreme poverty, famine, or war, having food at night, for suhoor, the meal to break the fast, can be difficult. The Islamic Relief charitable organization has a central mission to provide food to these unfortunate Muslims.

Charity is the other pillar of Islam, zakat. Zakat is the giving of money and aid to the poor and needy. There is no fixed amount, but some Islamic scholars recommend giving 2.5% of earned income every year. Islamic Relief is one of the more popular receivers of donations from Muslims for zakat.

The organization has a history of success in providing aid. In 2018 the group distributed approximately 200,000 food parcels to the most vulnerable and the most impoverished Muslims all over the globe. The organization operates in over 35 countries.

Islamic Relief’s primary form of aid is food parcels. Each pack is customized to each location’s dietary habits. A typical bag contains necessary nutrition sources like pasta, rice, and flour. Some refugees in the Middle East also get vouchers to shop at supermarkets.

Islamic Relief is one the biggest Muslim charities in the United States. Islamic Relief received $19.3 million in 2017. The organization uses a combination of online donations and mosque visits to raise money.


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