Hindus Help Muslim Woman Deliver Baby After Being Kicked out of Cab


The Muslim woman names her baby boy Ganesh, after Hindu lord, after giving birth in Hindu temple.

This might seem something straight out of a scene in a Bollywood movie, but these are the incidents that show that humanity and faith rises above everything else. It was around dawn in Mumbai when a Muslim couple was heading toward Sion Hospital. Ilayaz Shaikh, 27, was taking his heavily-pregnant wife Noor Jahan Shaikh, 24, to the hospital in a taxi. On their way, Noor Jahan went into labor and was in a lot of pain. The taxi driver, listening to all the screaming, kicked them out because he did not want her to have the baby inside the taxi.

Hindus Help Muslim Woman Deliver Baby After Being Kicked out of Cab[/tweetthis]

Being thrown away from the taxi, the couple was even more worried and Ilyaz did not know what to do when he suddenly spotted the Ganapati Hindu Temple in the distance. Ilyaz helped his wife toward the temple and saw some women sitting at the verandah of the temple. They were there to offer their prayers to Lord Ganesh. Upon seeing the woman in labor approaching them, they hurried to help her inside. They immediately volunteered to create a makeshift delivery room in the temple using bedsheets and saris loaned from nearby homes.

Noor Jahan gave birth to a healthy baby boy and even cut the umbilical cord herself. Ilyaz was then called in to see his baby boy. Since the baby was born in the Ganapati Temple at Wadala, Noor Jahan named her son Ganesh, which is another name of Lord Ganapati. Later, the doctors confirmed that both mother and child are in good health and doing well.

The experience of the new Muslim parents

While talking to Ilyaz about the experience they went through, he said he was very worried as his wife was closing in on delivery and all they could see was a Ganapati temple nearby. He said that they were extended help by the women sitting in the verandah of the temple without even asking, and the next thing he knew was he was being called in to see his son.

>Noor Jahan, in her account, said that she thought she would be giving birth to her baby on the road, but when she saw a Ganapati Temple nearby she realized that God himself was watching over them, and what could be better than giving birth in front of Lord Ganesh. Lord Ganesh is worshiped for new beginnings, and this truly was a blessing for the newborn.


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