Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz on Abortion: God is the Judge

Via video screenshot
Via video screenshot
The pastor’s comments have drawn criticism from religious quarters

Popular Hillsong Church Pastor Carl Lentz has met with criticism ever since he failed to condemn abortion[/tweetit] on a TV show. When asked his opinions about abortion, the Pastor simply said that the matter is best left to God and that he is nobody to judge. Pastor Carl Lentz appeared on The View to talk about his book Own the Moment.

Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz on Abortion: God is the Judge[/tweetthis]

During the interview, the show co-host Sara Haines asked the Pastor what his views were on various topics such as gay marriage and abortions that are so important to the millennial generation. When he hesitated to give a definitive answer, co-host Joy Behar again pressed on the matter further, asking whether or not abortion was a sin in the Hillsong United church. Lentz simply said “That’s the kind of conversation we would have to finding out your story, where you’re from, what you believe. I mean, God’s the judge. People have to live to their own convictions,” adding that it was left up to every individual’s beliefs. He also added that for him, all that was important was to point people to God.

TheFederalist.com contributor, James Silberman, pointed out that the lack of a definitive answer by Lentz showed that the rather watered-down sense of morality existing among modern Christians. In fact, Silberman went a step ahead and even said, “’Live to your own convictions’” is practically the slogan of the abortion lobby,” indicating that not condemning abortion strongly enough is just as good as being supportive of it.

Undeterred by Lentz’s refusal to give a final response, Behar asked if the matter was not one where he could actually take a stand and either condemn or support it. “I think, to me, I’m trying to teach people who Jesus is first, find out their story before I start picking and choosing what I think is sin in your life, I’d like to know your name,” Lentz said, making it clear that he had nothing definitive to say on the matter.

Mainstream Christian churches and even evangelicals have always held on to the belief that abortion amounts to murder. As such, Christians, in general, have always considered abortion to be a sin and have always fought against its legalization. As a leader of a church himself, Pastor Lentz’s refusal to give a proper answer has drawn criticism from anti-abortionists because as a Christian, they expect him to take a concrete stand against abortion.


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