Highlighting Her Core Christian Beliefs, Hillary Clinton Will "Pray With You"

Highlighting Her Core Christian Beliefs, Hillary Clinton Will “Pray With You”

Highlighting Her Core Christian Beliefs, Hillary Clinton Will "Pray With You"
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Hillary Clinton shares her religious beliefs and highlights core Christian values of love and service at National Baptist Convention.

Jesus’ teachings of love and service have been motivating factors for Hillary Clinton, says the Democratic presidential nominee herself. Clinton, who was addressing the gathering at the National Baptist Convention, gave a half-hour speech that reflected her spiritual and religious beliefs. During the talk, she quoted numerous verses from the scriptures and hymns, and even St. Francis of Assisi. Her message to the gathering was that in serving one another is the true essence of the gospel – and it is this guiding principle that she has made her own.

Highlighting Her Core Christian Beliefs, Hillary Clinton Will “Pray With You”[/tweetthis]

The event, which happens to be the 136th annual session, was held on Thursday evening at the Kansas City Convention Center. The presidential candidate was reported to have said that she is grateful for the “gift of salvation” as well as for what she calls the “great obligation of the social gospel to use the gift of grace wisely.” These remarks were indicative of her belief that the Gospel is all about loving one another and working hard to serve each other. Through this, Clinton was trying to link her social work to the gospel directives.

Clinton also took the opportunity to recall her childhood days when she was brought up as a Christian. In her speech she mentioned how as a child she remembers seeing her father kneel beside his bed, praying and her mother teaching Sunday school lessons. She also recalls how she travelled one day to the city from the suburbs of Chicago with her youth minister to attend a black church for the first time. That is where she says she heard a speech by Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., and even shook hands with him. She also added when she taught Sunday school that it’s the Christian core, loving one another, a commandment which she said, “Jesus made it his greatest commandment.”

Clinton, being a Methodist, repeated the famous Methodist credo, “Do all the good you can for all the people you can in all the ways you can as long as ever you can,” which happens to be in all of her speeches.

Clinton’s speech at the National Baptist Convention follows her rival, Donald Trump’s address of the primarily African-American congregation Great Faith Ministries International Church in Detroit. The National Baptist Convention was a strategic platform for Hillary Clinton, as being one of the U.S.A.’s largest as well as oldest African-American religious gatherings.


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