Franklin Graham Blasts Pete Buttigieg for Being Gay

Franklin Graham Blasts Pete Buttigieg for Being Gay

Franklin Graham Blasts Pete Buttigieg for Being Gay
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Graham says Buttigieg must repent.

Reverend Franklin Graham, the CEO and President of Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and one of America’s influential evangelical Christians, has blasted Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg for being gay.[/tweetit] In a series of shrill anti-gay tweets, the pro-Trump preacher said Buttigieg, presently the Mayor of an Indiana town named South Bend, should show repentance for his sexuality. Graham said the Democrat should not politicize or praise his sexual orientation. Buttigieg does not hide the fact that he is both Christian and gay and recently said both Republicans and Democrats must agree God is not affiliated to any political party.

Franklin Graham Blasts Pete Buttigieg for Being Gay[/tweetthis]

Graham was quick to take umbrage at Buttigieg’s statement. He took to social media and blasted the presidential hopeful, saying although God is not affiliated to any political party, there exists a set of Commandments, Laws, and Standards. The evangelist ranted on, saying although Mayor Buttigieg claims to be a gay Christian, in his understanding the Bible defines homosexual behavior as a sin, and since it is a sin, it is something to be repented. As per the Bible, Graham said, marriage happens between man and woman and not between two members of the same sex.

Buttigieg swiftly answered such religion-centric criticism in his town hall meeting. He said a person of faith could also be a part of the LGBTQ community and he believes the core of any faith is mutual regard. He went on to add that God’s love, in part, can only be experienced. Buttigieg said as per his tradition, faith is the way one can support another, and more specifically the weakest among us.

The month of April witnessed Graham condemning both anti-LGBT hecklers at Buttigieg’s Iowa rallies and the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate. The evangelist berated the latter citing Leviticus scriptures, which term homosexual relationships as a kind of “abomination.” Buttigieg had pulled no punches when he highlighted the “unbelievable” hypocrisy exhibited by the religious right when it came to their constant support of the incumbent president and Republican Donald Trump. Graham can be included in this group. The evangelist has been known to apply his evangelical principles differently when it comes to defending Trump. He has defended the president via approximately 8,000 documented lies and has even dismissed numerous adulterous affairs. Social media users were quick to point out such double standards, with one saying that although God loves everyone, the Almighty will have a few stern words for Graham.


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