LGBT celebration at Foundry United Methodist Church

“Draw The Circle Wide”—United Methodist Church Repeals Ban on Gay Clergy, Allows LGBTQ Weddings

On May 1, by an overwhelming margin of 692-51, United Methodist Church (UMC) delegates repealed the longstanding ban on LGBTQ clergy. At the first

Greek Orthodox Church

Two Lawmakers Who Backed Same-Sex Marriage Banned From Rites By Greek Church Higher-Ups

The Orthodox Church of Greece reacted strongly to this February’s passage of a historic bill allowing same-sex civil marriage, banning two lawmakers who voted in favor

Pregnant lady holding belly. Free public domain CC0 photo.

Pope Calls For Global Ban On “Deplorable” Surrogate Motherhood

In an unsurprising move, Pope Francis, who in recent months has urged attention to migrants and the poor and has reached out to the

Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception - Denver, CO

Denver Archdiocese Files Lawsuit Over Catholic Preschool Program’s LGBTQ Exclusion

The Archdiocese of Denver and a pair of Catholic parishes have filed a lawsuit against Colorado, contending that they have been unfairly barred from

Brantley Starr

Judge Orders Southwest Attorneys to Get “Religious Liberty Training” From Avowed Anti-LGBTQ Hate Group

In an unusual move August 8, a Texas judge ordered three Southwest Airlines attorneys to eight hours of training with Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF),

U.S. City Led by Muslims Bans Pride Flags, Sparking ‘a Sense of Betrayal’

A multicultural enclave of Detroit, Michigan, that attracted international attention in 2015 for becoming the first in the U.S. to elect a Muslim-majority city

Beloved Arise logo

“We Are All Made In the Divine Image”—PRIDE Month Ends With Queer Youth of Faith Day

Acknowledging an often too-hostile climate for LGBTQIA+ youth of faith, Beloved Arise, a movement dedicated to LGBTQIA+ youth of faith set aside June 30,

2019.10.08 SCOTUS Protest for LGBTQ Equality, Washington, DC USA

“Love the Sinner, Hate The Sin” Wears Thin in a New Climate of Faith-Based Hate

The Episcopal Church has opened its doors to same-sex marriage, thus acknowledging the rights and personhood of the LGBTQ community. Some dioceses, however, are

Millsaps College

Wedding Officiants Face Loss of Ministerial Credentials in Another Symptom of Friction within the United Methodist Church

It was a storybook wedding in every way—a loving couple, flowers, friends and two officiating ministers who had mentored the couple and were well

An Arabic-Language "In God We Trust" Sign

Texas School District Enforces “In God We Trust” But Whose God, And Who’s We?

The spotlight never dims on Texas. Earlier this year a school district banned an Anne Frank adaptation, and now under a new state law,