Evangelical Support for Trump Remains High

Evangelical Support for Trump Remains High

Evangelical Support for Trump Remains High
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Presidential support is lowest among atheists.

An analysis of the survey data generated by the Pew Research Center shows 69 percent of white evangelical Protestants stand with President Donald J. Trump and the way he manages his administration[/tweetit]. This support two years into the Trump administration is a nine point reduction from his presidency’s first days when his support was around 78 percent. This poll, conducted in January 2019, shows other religious groups are not as enamored with President Trump. White Catholics and white mainline Protestants do not support Trump as much as white evangelicals, but they are still more supportive than the religiously unaffiliated. Only 48 percent among the white mainline Protestants have supported the U.S. President in January 2019. When it comes to Catholics, only 44 percent have declared themselves to be Trump supporters.

Evangelical Support for Trump Remains High[/tweetthis]

The support for Trump from his white evangelical Protestant base has been consistently high. Several critical evangelical leaders like the Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr., have supported the president in all matters. On the opposite end of the spectrum are the religiously unaffiliated Americans. Their level of support towards Trump has hovered between 17 percent and 27 percent across the Pew Research Center conducted polls. Much less support for the Trump presidency has also been recorded among the non-white and black Protestant American population.

Evangelical Support for Trump Remains High
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White evangelical Protestants make up the core voters of the Trump administration, with about three-quarters identifying themselves as hardcore Republicans. Poll takers during the 2019 survey show a substantial percentage expressing their support for the considerable expansion of the wall along the United States-Mexico border. However, it does not imply white evangelicals are blind to the errors done by the president. In another Pew survey done in August 2018, it was discovered that approximately half of the respondents do not believe the president has set high moral standards as befitting his office since the time he took over. A few publicly known white evangelical leaders like Beth Moore, who founded Living Proof ministries has openly opposed President Trump.

Among white evangelical Protestants, those who are regular churchgoers (more than once every week) approve President Trump’s policies more than those in the same religious demographic with less church attendance. The same trend has been noticed among white Catholics too. Church attending Catholics were 12 points more probable to be Trump voters compared to less regular attendees.


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