Cows Captured in the Form a Cross

Cows Photographed in a Cross Formation in Farmer’s Field

Cows Captured in the Form a Cross
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In addition to coaxing the cows to form a cross, the retired farmer has also installed a large illuminated cross on his farmland.

Gene Hanson, a farmer from North Dakota and Trump fan, has made an impact with his latest stunt. An aerial view of Hanson’s farm shows a view of about 150 cows feeding in a cornfield in a cross formation. The field was bereft of corn as it was already harvested. As per Hanson, the picture of Richard Moch Ranch signifies that Christmas is near.

Cows Photographed in a Cross Formation in Farmer’s Field[/tweetthis]

150 livestock grazing in the field formed the sign of a Christian cross. According to Hanson, the idea was his neighbor’s and he used his drone to capture it.

Hanson became known nationwide when President Donald Trump of the United States praised the prosperous farmer through his social media account in 2017. The reaction was due to Hanson’s “We Stand for the National Anthem” message plowed into his field.

Gene Hanson is a farmer who has retired from cultivating the fields. He is a member of a small North Dakota community. He is adept in light flying and drones and does not hesitate to capture videos and photographs of fields close to his home. Flying is one of his many hobbies. Such was his skill in combining flying and farming that he has received national attention. A new term, “cornfield art,” was even created to describe his art.

The farmer is clued in to current events and also created the symbol of the singer Prince after the musician’s death. He has also written a number of political messages, even a few mildly criticizing the Republican Party. The more famous among them was urging the GOP to get its act together.

The picture of the cows in the form of a cross is to remind everyone that Christmas signifies the birth of Jesus Christ.

Other than temporary stunts, the retired farmer has also done a few permanent ones. Drivers rolling past his farm will not fail to notice the large cross sign about 25 feet tall and 15 feet in width along U.S. Highway 281. He has also put solar lights on the religious structure so that people can view the Christian religious symbol at night as well.


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