Cows Captured in the Form a Cross

Cows Photographed in a Cross Formation in Farmer’s Field

In addition to coaxing the cows to form a cross, the retired farmer has also installed a large illuminated cross on his farmland. Gene

Modi Urges India to Reject Religious Violence

Modi Speaking Out Against Violence in India

Many perpetrators support BJP, the Prime Minister's own party Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister has urged his country's citizens to reject religious violence[/tweetit]

Huge Protests All Over India About Muslim Violence, Both Christians and Hindus Get Involved

Many believe the Central and State governments are complicit in the matter. Indian citizens all over the country held aloft placards and posters when

Hindu Nationalists are Protecting Cows Over People in India

Vigilantes kill to protect cows in India Hindu nationalists are accused of vigilantism to forcefully promote their distorted Hindu vision of India.[/tweetit] The cow,