The National Council of Churches Demands Kavanaugh “Must Step Aside Immediately”

The National Council of Churches Demands Kavanaugh “Must Step Aside Immediately”

The National Council of Churches Demands Kavanaugh “Must Step Aside Immediately”
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The NCC said many statements made by the Judge are clearly false.

The Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh hit another bump Wednesday when the National Council of Churches asked for his withdrawal[/tweetit]. The National Council of Churches cited his “political record” and his poor behavior during the Senate hearing in the last week of September.

The National Council of Churches Demands Kavanaugh “Must Step Aside Immediately”[/tweetthis]

The National Council is America's biggest Christian churches' coalition, comprised of over 40 denominations from the Protestant to the Eastern Orthodox. The National Council of Churches counts 40 million loyalists.

As per the National Council of Churches (NCC) website, the council believes that Kavanaugh does not qualify due to his own mistakes from a lifetime appointment. The NCC statement said that the Supreme Court nominee has made a number of misstatements and a few totally false statements. The matter of contention is the Judge's characterization of his behavior and drinking habits.

As for Brett Kavanaugh, his nomination to the Supreme Court has been rocky from the beginning. The sexual misconduct allegations have led to a political firestorm. More than 650 professors have signed the nomination withdrawal sent by the NCC. This does not mean Kavanaugh has lost the support of all Christians. Republican evangelicals continue to strongly support his candidature, including the high-profile Jerry Falwell Jr., the president of Liberty University. The latter even sent 300 of his university's students to the concerned Senate hearing as a show of support. As per a poll conducted last month, approximately 48 percent of the white evangelicals will support Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination even of allegations against the controversial legal professional were found to be true.

The NCC wrote during the hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee that Judge Kavanaugh displayed “extreme partisan bias. He also disrespected a few committee members. It was clear from his actions that the Trump nominee to the Supreme Court does not possess either the required character and temperament expected for a member of the United States' highest court. The NCC accused the Judge of lying even when he had taken an oath not to do so.

The NCC did not pinpoint any particular lies, but many of Kavanaugh's statements do not make any sense when joined together in their proper context. He claimed to have never attended a gathering like the one described by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. It was, however, found that he himself has scheduled a number of gatherings quite similar to one described by Dr. Ford.


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