Jesus Appeared in Mexican Woman’s Tortilla

shannonpatrick17 is licensed under CC BY 2.0
shannonpatrick17 is licensed under CC BY 2.0
After an argument with her sister, a Mexican woman noticed an apparition of Jesus had formed on her tortilla.

Enedina Mendoza, a tortilla maker from the Tlalixtac de Cabrera town in Oaxaca, Mexico claims that Jesus’ face has miraculously appeared in one of the tlayadas (tortilla) she was preparing.

The claimed apparition happened a couple of weeks before the town’s feast of Santo Guillermo (Saint William) on June 25. According to Mendoza, she initially decided not to attend the festival which led to an argument with her fellow devote sister. While preparing her tortillas that day, she noticed that a particular pancake wasn’t browning as expected. Upon careful inspection of that piece, she noticed that the tortilla is clean and not toasted except for a small spot which according to her resembles the face of Jesus.

Mendoza never consumed neither sold the “miraculous” tortilla and instead put it on display in her altar together with the statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe and other Catholic saints. She has also shared the news to her sister who claimed that it’s a sign that Mendoza should attend the festival.

Just another claim of religious apparition?

Enedina Mendoza is not the only individual in the world who claim to have witnessed a religious apparition. In fact, there are thousands of others who reported seeing Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and so many saints in one form or in one item to another. But to this date, only a few have been proven and verified by the Catholic Church. Apparitions are also popular in food items from tortillas, bread, dumplings, oranges and other fruits, kitchen materials, up to the more unique places like animal skin or fur.

The incident reported by Mendoza also followed the countrywide exorcism of Mexico a month earlier performed by a bishop and Spanish demonologist with hopes to resolve Mexico’s rampant drug and crime problems.

A case or good example of pareidolia

If you would ask the experts especially psychologists, the incident can be concluded as a good example of pareidolia. That is; our human brains have been genetically wired to find meanings or associations from images or sounds we see and hear. In the above case, the brain instantly associated a man’s face on the burned portion of the tortilla. According to experts, this is very common and natural.


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