Justin Bieber: “God Told Me to Change My Ways”

By Joe Bielawa (Justin Bieber) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Joe Bielawa (Justin Bieber) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Justin Bieber reveals it was God who helped him when he was lost.

For Justin Bieber, life has changed dramatically during the last two years. He has transformed from a party-loving teen known for skirmishes with the law to an A-lister known to deliver consistent hits. In a media interview, the Canadian said that God had come to him when he was lost. He believed that the almighty was telling him something. That was when he decided to change his life for the better and in his own words, get his stuff together.

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Bieber subsequently took action. He took some steps and turned around his life. His “Sorry” song topped the charts and he allowed people to ridicule him on Comedy Central. He also did a couple of interviews where he fully apologized for such wild antics.

Bieber has always claimed that he is not overtly religious. He is presently dating Hailey Baldwin, a professional model. He has previously dated Selena Gomez, another singer who, like Bieber, has accomplished fame in her own right.

Bieber said that after he heard God's voice, he called his manager Scooter and he said that they should fix his life and turn his career around. He reiterates, however, that he continues to enjoy the consumption of alcohol and having a good time. Justin does not believe that such behavior clashes with religious beliefs. When asked how he will celebrate success of the album, he said that he will be with his friends and have fun, adding that he will also be responsible.

During the same interview, Bieber said that he is a Christian and a believer. He also said that people can be extremely conservative and he does not think that this trait is wrong in any way. He added that he does not want to anger anyone and believe that it is possible to enjoy with a few drinks and girls. There is no compulsion to be serious and to love God is separate from any other. Justin said that it is all right as long the matter is not evil or mean or provocative or intense. It is good to live a life where love occupies centrality and it is important to keep this factor in mind. During the same interview he joked that he felt that he was being manipulated by Kourtney Kardashian, who as one media house claimed to have dated for a few months.


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