Juan Pablo in A.D.

Is Juan Pablo “Too Sexy” for Jesus?

Juan Pablo in A.D.

Jesus will look different in the upcoming TV special, A.D.

Dubbed by the media “sexy Jesus“, the new face of the Christ has brought about a question: “Is it wrong to portray such an iconic role with such a good looking man?” Some think it might take away from the message, while others think it’s a good move.

A.D. is a new 12 part miniseries that picks up where The Bible miniseries left off. The Bible portrayed the tale up to the crucifixion. People Magazine shares the sequel as following the “fallout and impact the crucifixion had on Jesus’ mother, his disciples and key political and religious leaders.”

Why ‘sexy Jesus’?

The newest actor in a line of actors portraying Jesus is Juan Pablo di Pace. In The Bible and the Son of God film, Diogo Morgado played Christ. According to Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, the husband and wife combo producing the project, Morgado was occupied, forcing them to replace him. There will be a variety of talent in the cast. With Juan Pablo di Pace playing Jesus, the role of John was given to Babou Ceesay. Greta Sacchi plays Mother Mary, Chip Chung as Mary Magdalene and Richard Coyle as Caiaphas, High Priest of Temple. Pilate is played by Vincent Regan, while Adam Levy handles Peter. They are sure to bring depth to the show.

Juan Pablo di Pace is a 35 year old native Argentinian. Among his previous roles, he was involved in Camp and the reboot of Dallas. He excitedly shared his news on Wednesday on Twitter, and Instagram, proclaiming “>Humbled and happy to be playing HIM“.

What Will A.D. Be About?

A.D., meaning “Anno Domini” or “the year of our Lord” in Latin, depicts Christ’s followers in a struggle to further His teachings. They work to move forward in a world of violence. The series will give the audience a look into the days after His resurrection, and the development of Christian faith.

A.D. will air on Easter Sunday, April 5, 2015.


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