Jim Parsons Act of God

Jim Parsons Stars as God in Broadway Production

Jim Parsons Act of God

Best known for playing the science-minded Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory, Jim Parsons is shifting gears and playing God in a Broadway show.

Jim Parsons is perhaps best known for the character he plays in the popular CBS hit, The Big Bang Theory. Playing the nerdy and socially awkward scientist, Sheldon Cooper, has won Parsons four Emmys to date. However, his latest venture has him swap the calculated field of science for the more faith-founded world of religion. In making his return to Broadway, Parsons plays the Almighty himself in An Act of God.

Written by David Javerbaum, the play is based on his book ,em>The Last Testament: A Memoir. Joe Mantello will be director and if his previous work is anything to go by (Wicked, Take Me Out), then we’re certainly in for a stellar production. The script is hilariously funny, poised with thought provoking material that verges on sinful at times. It is sure to leave your sides soar from deep-bellied laughter and your mind questioning the afterlife and those unshakeable beliefs once held.

After reading the script, Jim Parsons was on board with bringing comedy to the story of creationism from the beginning: “What the best comedy does is explore thoughtful, thorny topics through humor, which makes it easier to talk about them and get through.”


The production is mainly a solo affair with much of the story narrated by the central character, God. However Jim Parsons does share the stage with his two angels, Michael and Gabriel, who are yet to be cast. Through statements to the press, Parsons gives us a taster of what to expect: “A 90-minute conversation in which I will reveal the mysteries of the Bible and answer some of the greatest existential questions that plague mankind.

Does Jim Parsons suffer from any moral dilemma playing a character held so dear to so many? No, not really. His attendance on The Jimmy Fallon Show saw Parsons explain why he is so comfortable in the role: “God has some things he’d like to say to people and he thinks a good way to do that is Broadway, he’s got a showman type personality.”

Don’t expect fireworks or extravagant stage props. Much like you would expect from the Almighty, the play promises to remain humble with Parsons cloaked in the “traditional” robe and sandals of the figurative god of our imaginations.

Jim Parsons is no stranger to the Broadway stage and previous gigs have seen him cast in Larry Kramer’s The Normal Heart and Harvey. His new role takes a much more lighthearted approach to airing controversial topics, compared to the more serious tone used to bring awareness to the HIV-AIDS outbreak in New York City in The Normal Heart.

The show will be staged at the infamous Studio 54. Beginning performances are to start May 5, and opening night is scheduled for May 28. Purchasing tickets early is advised as this is one laugh-out-loud show not to be missed. You can purchase tickets at www.telecharge.com or call (212) 239-6200.


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