Bad Boy Mark Wahlberg Attributes Success to His Faith in God


Mark Wahlberg’s personal commitment with God is what matters the most to him.

Mark Wahlberg is known for playing main characters that usually fall under the “bad boy” or “tough guy” categories. He's always on the good side of things, but his characters' methods sometimes become far from lawful.

His personal life sheds light into complex experiences and a troubled history from which he came from, in order to become one of the most known actors of our time, a very charming one too and one of Hollywood's favorite “bad boys” of the last decade, with a career that keeps rising.

Nevertheless, he attributes his successes, personal and professional, to his faith in God. His early years were difficult. He got in trouble, which included fighting, gang-related activities and other crimes. At age 17, Mark was imprisoned and that was the turning point in his life.

Mark Wahlberg attributes his successes, personal and professional, to his faith in God[/tweetthis]

In various interviews he has talked about how he decided that he didn't want to stay in that path, which had led him to disappoint and even hurt people around him. He found in his then new faith in God, the required strength to correct his life. After that, he didn't look back nor regret the new path he chose, but he has never forgotten his own past.

He claims his past and his faith in God are the reasons for him to keep growing as a person. Wahlberg says his days begin with him praying: being thankful for what he has, asking for God's guidance for his life, and focus on being a better human being, that can affect people's lives in a positive way, including those close to him as well as his community, so others don't have to endure the same hardships he experienced as a kid.

His life is evidence of how faith in God is needed as the only thing to begin a relationship with Him, as well as changing one's life at every level, in order to be a good influence, and a good servant to God, despite his own mistakes and doubts.

His focus on God has helped him in his decisions, as he says even the films he picks to work in are evaluated according to God's word and prayer, in order to take the best decisions. This doesn't mean he claims to be perfect or flawless. It just demonstrates the will to learn every single day and the disposition to make amends for the errors made.

The Bad Boy’s Good Side: Mark Wahlberg’s Past and Faith[/tweetthis]

Mark Wahlberg, now a husband, and a father of two boys and two girls, has a personal testimony that serves as a clear example of a devoted life. He shows both humbleness and courage during challenges, together with discipline. According to his own statements, personal commitment with God is what matters the most to him.


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