British Prince Louis’s Christening Captivates World

British Prince Louis’ Christening Captivates World

British Prince Louis’s Christening Captivates World

Royal Baptism Begins Young Prince Louis’ Spiritual Journey

Prince Louis of England has joined his family’s faith. The young royal baby has begun his journey as an official member of the Church of England. The baby was christened in a lavish ceremony which was the first time the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were seen in public as a family of five.

British Prince Louis’s Christening Captivates World[/tweetthis]

Baptisms of the British royalty are an important tradition. The Archbishop of Canterbury, one of the most important figureheads in the Anglican Church, performs the ritual using water from the River Jordan. The baptism was at the Chapel Royal at St. James’s Palace, one the more popular locations for royal ceremonies.

The royal family of England split from the Catholic Church and created the Church of England in the 16th century. This made the ruling monarch the “Supreme Governor and Defender of the Faith of the Church of England.” This is why religious traditions are important in England. The ruler is both the head of the country and the head of the state religion. Both titles are almost entirely symbolic in the status quo.

Christening is a symbol that an individual has started their journey to becoming a Christian. While most of the royal family attended, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh could not participate due to health reasons.

Prince Louis is currently fifth in line to the throne of England.


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