Christian Teachers Want More Religion in Schools

Christian Teachers Want More Religion in Schools

Christian Teachers Want More Religion in Schools

CEAI Director Finn Laursen believes after religion was removed from schools the children of America are not learning morals.

Finn Laursen, the Executive Director of the Christian Educators Association International, is of the opinion that the children of America are no longer taught right from wrong in the public schools. According to him, there is no religion in public schools for the children to learn right from wrong. So, he and his organization have taken it upon themselves to change the situation and bring the moral fabric back to public schools by introducing religion into classrooms across the country.

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The organization is training teachers how to live their faith in schools. Laursen emphasizes the fact that they are not trying to convert anybody to Christianity. They are just training teachers to come out, in schools, and share their faith with others. They may pray with their colleagues when they are free, they may pray with their students after school hours, they may hold religious clubs for the students before or after school, and so on. It is the belief of the organization that by bringing Jesus Christ and his teachings into the lives of students, they will be able to distinguish between right and wrong.

Proselytizing is illegal. Government officials cannot endorse or promote any particular religion or faith. The organization's endeavor is to bring religion into public schools without overstepping the legal boundaries. According to Charles C. Haynes, a Religious Freedom Center expert at Newseum Institute, public schools are not exempted from religion by the First Amendment. It states that the government cannot establish faith or religion, however, it also states that the freedom of religion cannot be inhibited by the government either. So, basically, it provides for expressing faith in public schools by teachers and students.

Speaking against the organization's move to introduce religion/Christianity into public schools, Daniel Mack, the director of ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) said that the organization is encouraging teachers to go against the system. He said any decision with respect to the religious upbringing of children should be only taken by their parents and families.

Katherine Stewart, a journalist and an author, raised the million-dollar question about practicing other religions in public schools. According to her, if a teacher who is a Muslim or a Wiccan tries to practice religion, then he/she would be immediately shut down. The only reason why a Christian teacher is allowed to bring his/her religion into public schools basically borders on the privilege of the majority. Laursen said that he believes that all teachers, irrespective of their faith, deserve to express their religion at schools.


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