An Arabic-Language "In God We Trust" Sign

Texas School District Enforces “In God We Trust” But Whose God, And Who’s We?

The spotlight never dims on Texas. Earlier this year a school district banned an Anne Frank adaptation, and now under a new state law,

Religious News from Around the Web, Jan 27th 2020

Indian Women Unite vs CAA, Falun Gong, Holocaust Property, Rohingya Ruling, Lutherans Pack 10 Million Meals, Religious School Funding India’s CAA Unites Religions India’s

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What Faith in Our Schools Really Means

Separation of church and state doesn’t mean we have to divorce our faith from our day-to-day lives.- Wil Seabrook, STAND blogger I have a

Mississippi Schools Cannot Display Religious Items

Latest Win for FFRF: Mississippi Schools Cannot Display Religious Items

It is unconstitutional to endorse religion in a public school. Teachers in Lee County School District were instructed by the school superintendent that they

Kentucky Parent

Kentucky Teachers Say Atheist Students will be Eaten by Bears

Both students and teachers join in the bullying of pupils they believed to be non-Christians Ultra-religious staff and zealous Christian students of Stanton Elementary

Bill Passes in Kentucky Senate to Allow Religion in Schools

Kentucky lawmakers are closer to allowing students to express their religious beliefs Students who attend public schools in Kentucky are closer to being able

Christian Teachers Want More Religion in Schools

Christian Teachers Want More Religion in Schools

CEAI Director Finn Laursen believes after religion was removed from schools the children of America are not learning morals. Finn Laursen, the Executive Director

Controversy Over Students Learning Islam in Tennessee School

Teaching Islam over Christianity is not acceptable to parents of Spring Hill Middle School in Tennessee. Parents of middle school children in Tennessee have

Picture of Jesus in Kansas School Stimulates Issues of Censorship, Religious Teachings

Display of religious picture in a middle school prompts a greater discussion about religious teachings in schools. The separation of church and state is

Parents in Australia Campaign against Special Religious Education in Public Schools

Leader of the Campaign Lara Wood says "Scripture classes push messages about sin, death suicide, sexuality and female submission onto children without the knowledge