Beloved Buddhist Leader Thich Nhat Hanh Returns to Plum Village

Via Twitter
Via Twitter
Beloved Buddhist leader Thich Nhat Hanh returns home after 6 months of stroke rehabilitation in San Francisco.

The nuns and monks of Plum Village community has a new update: Thich Nhat Hanh has recovered from a coma and stroke and will now return to his French Plum Village community. The newly issued message includes a photo of Thay taken at New Year’s Eve. The photo also includes the happy faces of his attendants. The message reassures followers that Thay had arrived at Bergerac airport and promptly made his way to Plum Village. Monastic disciples sung welcome songs for him.

Beloved Buddhist Leader Thich Nhat Hanh Returns to Plum Village[/tweetthis]

Nhat Hanh, who was receiving care post stroke and coma, was involved in a practice with the local Sangha. The previous message had conveyed that the attendants who are responsible for Thay in the San Francisco area have opened a practice period in the Winter Retreat with him. The list of activities includes sitting in meditation in the early morning, silent meals and walking meditation. There were also spells of watching the Thay's Dharma Talks videos. They had also participated in Dharma discussions.

The previous messages were guardedly optimistic. They said that Thay had made little improvements- but still cannot speak. He however, continues singing and was making recognizable words when the Plum Village songs were sung. The attendants witnessed that Thay put in maximum energy and effort to form words -even if it was frustrating. A new speech therapist was then brought into the fold, and he promptly worked with Thay every day. Other neuroplastic healing techniques were also explored, including cold laser therapy and neurofeedback.

In the latest update, the nuns and monks of Plum Village had indicated that Thay had communicated his wish to return to the Plum Village hermitage in France. Progress was satisfying due to the excellent attention and care of UCSF doctors and the attending therapists. Thay's decision to return was approved by the attending doctors. The physicians assured the attendants that the journey would not entail any risk to his health. The team of attendants will continue to care for Thay at all times and find the necessary therapies.

An Update on Thay’s Health 8th January 2016 Plum Village

The attendants showed gratefulness for the loving support and monetary donations which Thay had received during his San Francisco stay. The love of Global Sangha has permitted Thay to enjoy excellent progress on his recovery path. The coming weeks will see him celebrating Lunar New Year, Daffodil Festival and Great Ordination Ceremony. All functions will be held at the Plum Village itself.


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