Breitbart Editor Fired Over Anti-Muslim Tweets; Defends Herself on Fundraising Page


Katie McHugh, Breitbart editor, loses her job over anti-Islam rant on social media

Far right publication Breitbart fired one of its editors earlier this week for anti-Muslim posts made on Twitter.[/tweetit]

Breitbart Editor Fired Over Anti-Muslim Tweets; Defends Herself on Fundraising Page[/tweetthis]

Editor Katie McHugh, who served at Breitbart for two years after leaving The Daily Caller, posted a message on Twitter explaining that Breitbart had fired her for speaking “the truth about Islam and Muslim immigration.”

However, when contacted, Breitbart did not respond leaving the real reason for her dismissal a mystery. McHugh insists she was fired for posting tweets against Muslims after the terror attack in London last Saturday.

A look at her Twitter profile also shows her having a heated exchange with actor Pej Vahdat. The actor responded to McHugh’s tweet by calling her a “real moron,” to which, the former Breitbart editor replied with “You’re Indian.”

It turns out that Vahdat is actually Iranian-American.

McHugh has now set up a crowdfunding page on WeSearchr, requesting people to support her daily expenses and medical bills till she manages to find another job.

With regard to her statements, McHugh refuses to apologize, “I said nothing wrong. As President Donald Trump says, if we don’t get smart, it will only get worse.”

Firing an employee for criticizing Islam is also being seen as uncharacteristic of Breitbart, which is an extreme right-wing publication often known to support the idea of absolute free-speech and even protecting other writers who have made similar comments.

However, this isn’t the first time that Breitbart fired an employee over inappropriate comments. In February 2017, Breitbart had to let go of Milo Yiannopoulos, one of its most popular writers, for allegedly supporting pedophilia.

This is not the first time McHugh has posted racial or discriminatory comments. She had once tweeted that Mexicans were responsible for ruining Mexico and that their invasion of the U.S.A. would not fix their “retarded dysfunction.”

In another tweet, she even called for a second crusade.

Breitbart, which is considered to be an alternative news source, came to light mainly during the 2016 U.S. Elections for carrying out its campaign against liberal politics and the Democratic Party. Previously ran by Stephen Bannon, who currently serves as the Chief Strategist for the Trump Administration.


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