Avril Lavigne Releases New Worship Song "Head Above Water"

Avril Lavigne Releases New Worship Song “Head Above Water”

Avril Lavigne Releases New Worship Song "Head Above Water"
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This is Avril Lavigne’s first release in five years.

Avril Lavigne has returned to the recording studio after five years away. While her new single was surprising on its own, the content has even more people turning their heads. Avril Lavigne has shocked many people with what sounds like a worship song.[/tweetit] It is a clear departure from the music Lavigne has produced in the past.

Avril Lavigne Releases New Worship Song “Head Above Water”[/tweetthis]

The song is titled “Head Above Water,” and details the struggles the singer has suffered through as a result of her battle with Lyme disease. Several lines of the song recount how she has had to fight against her own body to keep healing; otherwise, she would not have survived. The song makes clear references to God such as:

“God keep my head above water / Don’t let me drown / It gets harder / I’ll meet you there at the altar / As I fall down to my knees / Don’t let me drown/ Don’t let me drown”

This is a very similar message to many of those that are put forth in typical gospel and worship songs. For five years, the singer has kept a very small media presence and has not pursued her once-powerful musical career. The reason is that her Lyme disease was so bad that she was physically unable to spend the time and energy writing, singing, and producing music as she had done before.

Now, even though she is still suffering from the debilitating ailment, Lavigne has pushed forward and is using her moment of desperation as her rallying cry. In her darkest moments, she recounts, she begged God to help her keep her head above water, and that renewed her will to begin songwriting once again.

It is clear the song is a far departure from her usual sound, but the fact remains that she has shown a new direction in her writing and singing capabilities. Whether or not the rest of her album follows suit is unknown, but many believe this is a beautiful first effort on that front.


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