Author Claims New Discovery Proves Jesus Was Real

Author Claims New Discovery Proves Jesus Was Real
By Aleksei m (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Author Eric Metaxas says discovery of the pool where Jesus cured blind man’s sight should dispel any doubts of the Bible.

There is an increasing level of archaeological evidence that the Holy Bible may be historically accurate. The latest evidence to support this contention comes from the discovery of Siloam, the ancient pool where a blind man was healed by Jesus Christ. It was found in the exact geographical location where the Bible said it would be.

The Discovery of the Pool where Jesus cured Blind Man’s Sight should Dispel any Doubts of Bible.[/tweetthis]

Although Siloam was discovered about a decade before, the pool continues to stay in the limelight. The latest person to rake it up is Eric Metaxas, the author and speaker.

The said story is described in Gospel of John. According to this gospel, Jesus informed his disciples that the blindness in the sightless man was not the result of the sufferer's sins or the shortcomings of his parents. Jesus then spit on ground and made clay from the spittle. He then applied this clay to the blind man's eyes. The latter was then ordered to wash his eyes, and presumably himself, in the pool of Siloam.

Eric Metaxas, in his commentary pointed out that discovery of such an ancient pool about 10 years before should have the effect of banishing the doubts harbored by many experts concerning Holy Bible and Gospel of John, to be more exact. He went on to say that any doubts about the Bible can be dispelled by a dip in the pool.

Metaxas also said that the Siloam pool was discovered by accident. It was uncovered during modern construction work for water pipe repair near Temple Mount. This discovery not only supported the Biblical incident of Gospel of John, but also verified an event narrated in Book of Chronicles present in Old Testament. The part narrates how King Hezekiah started and completed the blocking of Gihon spring's upper outlet. The construction resulted in water being channeled down to City of David's west side. The Siloam pool is a portion of the water outlet.

According to Metaxas, the large quantity of concrete evidence seemingly point to the authenticity of the Bible will make it hard for non-devout Christians not to follow the scriptures. He said that even non-Christians will now believe in the authenticity of the Bible. The default view of not believing the Biblical tales cannot be sustained any more. Metaxas added that the final physical proof of authenticity is the Siloam pool and one only has to go to it to believe. 


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