New Evidence Could Answer When The Bible Was Actually Written

Pottery fragments may reveal when the bible was written. Following intensive study by researchers from the Tel Aviv University in Israel, new evidence from

Archaeologists May Have Found The Skull Bone of The Buddha

Ancient shrine in China may hold The Buddha's skull bone. Archaeologists found something quite amazing inside of a gold casket, which was stored in

Author Claims New Discovery Proves Jesus Was Real

Author Eric Metaxas says discovery of the pool where Jesus cured blind man’s sight should dispel any doubts of the Bible. There is an

Dan McBride, Will Forte Star in New Biblical Comedy ‘Don Verdean’

Jared Hess brings the laughs with a search for Biblical artifacts in new film Don Verdean. The new movie by Jared Hess titled Don

All Roads Lead to The Lost City of Sodom

Archaeologists think they have finally discovered the lost city of Sodom in Jordan. A team of U.S. archaeologists from the Trinity Southwest University headed

Gath, the Biblical City of Philistine and Goliath’s Home, Unearthed

Excavation in Israel has uncovered the monumental gate of the Biblical city of Gath. The story of David and Goliath is popular. The Israelite

Archaeology Temple Mount

Archaeology and religion have always been intertwined, but will the field be better off without its influence?

As archaeologic studies are funded less by religious groups and more by government, the question arises: is religious bias in archaeology a better way