Australian Politician Who Defended Marriages Leaves Wife for Lover

Australian Politician Who Attacked Gay Marriage Leaves Wife for Lover

Australian Politician Who Defended Marriages Leaves Wife for Lover
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Deputy Prime Minister Faces Widespread Criticism

Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce is world renowned for being a staunch opponent of same-sex marriage. When Australia was considering the legalization of same-sex marriage, Mr. Barnaby fought the move. He stated traditional marriage was a process that held basic principles that children take from it. He also stated that a child needed to know both its mother and father.

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The politician chooses not to ignore pointing out that his own family was struggling. That did not stop him from taking a stand to support traditional families. The Deputy Prime Minister was ridiculed when he said same-sex marriages would affect Australia’s cattle trade. He said that this was due to the fact that most Asian countries don’t support same-sex marriages.

The politician sponsored the national vote which was designed to slow down the process. They lost the vote on majority support. Recently the politicians stand has come into question as details of his personal life came to light. Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce is divorcing his wife for a younger former staff member. The ex-employee is pregnant with Joyce’s child.

A gay rights activists group have come up questioning the politician’s relationship with his staff members. This is sure to cause the politician unnecessary limelight. This trouble is also sure to sip on to his career. This is due to the reports claiming that the country’s parliament was considering looking into the deputy prime minister’s incident.

A select few people from the public have come to Joyce’s defense claiming that the country shouldn’t adopt an American approach. This is because the United States media regularly report and spy on politicians’ private lives.

A gay activist’s spokesman released a statement that claimed the government should hold politicians accountable for their actions; in both their public and personal lives. He also said by the denial of same-sex marriages the government is enforcing their choices in their private lives.


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