Atheist Group’s Full-Page NYT Ad Features Christmas Message about Donald Trump

Atheist Group Launches Attack Ad on Trump

Atheist Group’s Full-Page NYT Ad Features Christmas Message about Donald Trump
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Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Full Page NYT Ad Features Christmas Message about Donald Trump

By now it’s not breaking news that President Donald Trump doesn’t fully agree with the first amendment. The commander in chief has been in an all-out war with media outlets and athletes over their freedom of speech. This has made several political analysts ask whether the president fully understands the United States Constitution. What is news and quite surprising is that an atheist organization is taking light-hearted shots at the commander in chief.

Atheist Group Launches Attack Ad on Trump[/tweetthis]

The Freedom from Religion Foundation is putting a full-page ad in the New York Times. The ad questions whether President Trump has the ability to separate matters of the church and state as it is stated in the constitution.

The ad also touches on the president’s recent outbursts on Women and immigrants. The full-page ad features greeting cards addressed to controversial issues that the president doesn’t agree with. These are women’s rights, the LGBT, Planned Parenthood and Muslim Immigrants.

The atheist backed ad also includes civil Liberties in the greeting cards. They used big stockings to highlight the bigger issues such as the use of a stacked judiciary and church politicking which President Donald Trump has received unrelenting criticism.

One of the organization’s representatives did confirm that the ad was retaliation for the presidents Christmas campaign. President Donald Trump recently launched a Christmas campaign where he also sells hats branded ‘Make Christmas Merry’ on his website. He also credits himself by saying he’s stopping the war on Christmas. A devoted trump supporter was quoted saying that the President has allowed the country to truly say Merry Christmas.

Among many that will disagree with the views of Trump and his staunch followers, the FFRF is promising to revamp its efforts in keeping trump’s administration fair in matters pertaining to state and religion.


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