Full-Page Pro-Immigrant Ad in The New York Times

Full-Page Pro-Immigrant Ad in The New York Times

All eligible immigrants are welcome to the United States Eight Christian leaders, notably Leith Anderson, the President of National Association of Evangelicals, Scott Arbeiter,

Atheist Group’s Full-Page NYT Ad Features Christmas Message about Donald Trump

Atheist Group Launches Attack Ad on Trump

Freedom From Religion Foundation's Full Page NYT Ad Features Christmas Message about Donald Trump By now it's not breaking news that President Donald Trump

This Hindu Temple in NY Has its Own Restaurant and it’s Awesome

The Hindu Ganesh Temple has seriously good food. What started as a kitchen to prepare holy food for the gods in Ganesh Temple in

New York Times and The Week, Writers say Trump is more like Nietzsche than Christ

Journalists say Trump has Nietzschean morality rather than Christian morality. According to Damon Linker of The Week and Peter Wehner of the New York

David Carr

Struggling Catholic David Carr, writer for The New York Times, has died

Known for his work at The New York Times, David Carr struggled with both addiction and religion. David Carr collapsed at The New York

Christian Persecution

World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder Asks “Who Will Stand Up For The Christians?”

In an impassioned and humanist piece that transcends non-secular boundaries and speaks to anyone who loves humanity, Ronald S. Lauder ask's in a New

"Investigative Project on Terrorism" NYTimes.com homepage Takeover ad.

New York Times Runs Site Takeover & Print Ad by Group Concerned about Radical Muslim Terrorism

An unprecedented full page NYTimes.com takeover ad ran today sponsored by "The Investigative Project on Terrorism" A www.NYTimes.com homepage takeover ad from an advertiser