After Health Scare, Dalai Lama Spoke About Compassion Sunday

By kris krüg [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By kris krüg [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Dalai Lama spoke about compassion, education and humility in Minneapolis.

The Dalai Lama, the Tibetan Buddhist Leader, has assured his many followers that he is healthy, despite suffering from a prostrate condition and receiving due treatment for it. The Dalai Lama is 80 years old.

After Health Scare, Dalai Lama Spoke About Compassion Sunday[/tweetthis]

The Dalai Lama made a visit to Minneapolis for a brief teaching and a public talk. He came to Minnesota and stayed for a prolonged period due to him receiving medical care at Mayo Clinic, Rochester. About 2,000 people came to see him at Minneapolis Convention Center. This event was His Holiness's maiden public appearance in the city from the time he sent a video message to supporters and friends concerning the Tibetan New Year. He recorded his speech at the clinic himself.

Flowers were ordered for the stage and monks in robes were seen at the venue. The Minneapolis crowd has eyes for only the Dalai Lama himself. There were health concerns from the time His Holiness checked into the Rochester Mayo Clinic. He informed the crowd that he is familiar with the clinic and is visiting this facility for 10 years now. He also told them that he is now enjoying good health.

The Dalai Lama was dressed in red and saffron robes. He sat in a chair with elaborate carvings. He avoided any direct reference to current politics or gun violence. His Holiness instead talked about the value of compassion, humility and education. He also spoke about duty of elders and the responsibility of adult Tibetans to carry on the religion and culture of the homeland to the new generation.

The majority of Tibetans in the assembled gathering wore chupa, the traditional dress, and carried infants. Among the crowd were Heidi White, with her daughter Caroline, 8 and Liam, who is 14 years of age. The three came from Stillwater. Heidi's intention was to expose her children to different methods of worshiping and thinking. Similarly, Yangzom Yarphel came with her nephew and mother from Minneapolis. She said that they come to visit His Holiness when he comes to the city.

The Dalai Lama mentioned the growth of Minnesota Tibetan community and its thriving. He mentioned that the elders today were children when they were exiled from Tibet and came to the United States. The new generation born in the U.S. will preserve traditional values. 


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