US Muslims more accepting of LGBT community than Evangelicals

52% of American Muslims Support Homosexuality

US Muslims more accepting of LGBT community than Evangelicals

In 2007, only 27% of US Muslims supported homosexuality.

Muslim residents in the United States now accept homosexuality more than white evangelical Protestants.[/tweetit] A 2017 Pew Research Center study shows that about 52 percent of Muslims displayed acceptance. To understand how attitudes have changed, one simply has to look 10 years back. In 2007, only 27 percent of Muslims were cordial towards homosexuality. All figures are sourced from the Pew Research Center, which studied religion, social views and public life all over the United States.

52% of American Muslims Support Homosexuality[/tweetthis]

Even among devout, conservative Muslims, the Pew study showed that acceptance has risen 25 points from 2007. When contrasted with other U.S. faith groups, Muslim Americans now accept homosexuality more than white evangelicals and black Protestants. The latter are 34 percent and 50 percent respectively. Muslims, however, are more conservative than Catholics and mainline Protestants with 66 percent and 76 percent respectively.

It is seen that evangelicals are changing their views much slower than the rate Muslims are changing theirs. The white evangelicals changed views by about 11 percentage points in the 2006 to 2016 intervening period. This is much less than Muslims accepting homosexuality. The latter went up by 25 percentage points during the 2007 to 2017 intervening period.

Like Americans overall, Muslims now more accepting of homosexuality

There is also a generational trend among Muslim residents in the United States. It has been noted by academics that 60 percent of millennial Muslims now accept homosexuality in present U.S. society. This is much greater than 40 percent of the Muslim baby boomers holding identical views. When the rest of the American population is taken into account, 63 percent of the total U.S. public have no problem with homosexuality.

Changing attitudes towards homosexuality with U.S. Muslim communities are pushed by a few key groups. Lesbianism among American Muslim women are now accepted more than they were over the past 10 years. Acceptance has increased 31 percent. The number of college graduates have increased by 32 points during same time period. It is a fact that U.S. Muslim adults are younger compared to the overall American population. Approximately 35 percent of U.S. Muslims are aged anywhere from 18 years old to 29 years old. About 21 percent of the mixed American population are included in that age bracket. Younger Americans are more acceptable towards same sex marriage and also homosexuality. Many young Muslims are now stepping forward in their conservative society in support of LGBT rights.


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