Stephen Hawking A Brief History of Time
Stephen Hawking’s 1988 best seller A Brief History of Time.

Stephen Hawking admits to what most had already assumed: he’s an atheist.

Stephen Hawking is among the most well-known scientists in the world, and his religious opinion is significant to many people. After tons of speculation, Hawking has finally revealed he is an atheist. While he may have suggested an alternative opinion in earlier years, he feels now that the scientific evidence is far too conclusive to ignore.

Science, Not God

Religion was the explanation before science; however, Stephen believes that the scientific evidence presented today provides a more reasonable explanation for life. He previously seemed to teeter on the edge, even mentioning in his book, A Brief History of Time that any unifying scientific discoveries would help view the mind of God. However, he now recants this statement by clarifying that it was for those assuming God exists, but that he believes otherwise. His secular opinion has been assumed by many people though, so the admission did not shock other scientists.

Hawking’s religious admission further divides the connection between science and religion and perpetuates the assumption that they simply cannot coexist. While Hawking uses recent discoveries to justify atheism, many others call the evidence to prove the exact opposite. The laws of physics do allow for the Big Bang Theory, however, the randomness involved is unsettling, causing people to look toward the Heavens for guidance. Stephen pokes fun at these people by stating Heaven is simply for those “afraid of the dark”.

The unparalleled mind of Stephen Hawking believes that the religious conviction of God is unnecessary, considering the vast amounts of scientific research that has been conducted that helps us better understand the universe around us. Interestingly, using the theory of parallel universes (supported by many scientists, including Stephen), he does hold the belief of God in one of the infinite constituent universes.


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