“There Is No God.” Stephen Hawking Says in His Final Book Brief Answers to the Big Questions

There Is No God, Stephen Hawking Says in His Final Book ‘Brief Answers to the Big Questions’

Hawking says belief in any event after death is simply wishful thinking. Stephen Hawking, well-known physicist and atheist, dismissed the idea of God a

Bible Passage Read at Stephen Hawking's Funeral

This is the Bible Passage Eddie Redmayne Read at Stephen Hawking’s Funeral

Hawking spent 52 years of his life in Cambridge. Actor Eddie Redmayne read from the Bible at Professor Stephen Hawking's funeral.[/tweetit] Redmayne played the

How Stephen Hawking Fought God

How Stephen Hawking Fought God

Legendary Physicist and Atheist Stephen Hawking Has Died - His beliefs on religion and atheism Stephen Hawking, the renowned, brilliant, theoretical physicist died at

If AI is a Threat to Christianity, How Might the Catholic Church Adapt to it?

The Catholic Church survived the Heliocentric and Evolution theories, will it survive an age of AI? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a reality steadily gaining

Stephen Hawking A Brief History of Time

Stephen Hawking Says Science Proves God Does Not Exist

Stephen Hawking's 1988 best seller A Brief History of Time. Stephen Hawking admits to what most had already assumed: he's an atheist. Stephen Hawking

Can Science and Religion Coexist In Equal Compatibility?

There was much interest in the recent debate between scientist, Bill Nye “The Science Guy” and evangelist and President of Answers in Genesis, Ken