Support for U.S. Muslims

“Radical Love”: A Letter of Support for American Muslims

Support for U.S. Muslims
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Over 25,000 signatures show rad love for U.S. Muslims.

Muslim communities in America have received a letter of support, nicknamed “radical love letter” from Auburn Seminary, an organization affiliated to the American Presbyterian Church. It comes at a time when there is a rise of threats and violence against Muslims all over the United States. To put in perspective, after the Paris November 13 attacks, there were about 73 anti-Muslim incidents in U.S. and Canada. The list includes attacking the homes of Muslim families and armed protests just outside mosques. In a particular incident, a hijab wearing Florida woman was shot by a gun and almost run off road while she was leaving from the local mosque.

“Radical Love”: A Letter of Support for American Muslims[/tweetthis]

Radical Love Letter

The letter of support has been signed by over 25,000 people. Among them, 7,000 signatures were from the clergy. The document pledged to create a “circle of protection” which will defend Muslims from violence and hate. This letter was delivered by hand to Muslim leaders on Christmas Eve at Muslim Community Network based in New York City. Reverend Jacqui Lewis of Middle Collegiate Church in New York said that God is neither a Muslim, nor a Christian or Jewish. The only true form of God is love. He reiterated that it is this love which compels the community to stand in solidarity with Muslim families.

Reverend Lewis continued on to say that she had seen violence like no other. She observed that there were mayhem and massacres, and vitriol was everywhere. It is that time when the good people present in every faith must unite their voices to sing one song that signifies freedom. The Reverend said that they cannot be passive observers while Muslim sisters and brothers, who are productive members of society, are the subjects of hatred simply due to violent actions of some individuals.

The letter delivery date has special significance for Christians and Muslims. This was the date of Prophet Muhammad’s birthday if the lunar Islamic calendar is followed. The date also coincided with Christmas Eve in 2015.

Debbie Almontaser of Muslim Community Network thanked the seminary representatives when she received that letter.

The President of the Islamic organization said that this confirmed that Muslims are not alone when it came to reclaiming the country and pull it back to loving a warm and loving country it was. She pointed out the Statue of Liberty to emphasize the U.S. spirit of wellbeing. 


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