Odinism – The Religion of White Supremacists?

Odinism – The Religion of White Supremacists?

Odinism – The Religion of White Supremacists?

White supremacists see Christianity as a feminized religion created by Jews

Odinism is a neo polytheist belief system that stems from the Asatru faith. Most Odinists were Christians who felt the faith was becoming too weak[/tweetit] to them and thus needed something strong and radical. While much focus has been accorded to the Islamic faith with regards to fighting in the name of Allah, we see recent uprisings with deep roots in Odinism killing innocent people.

Odinism – The Religion of White Supremacists?[/tweetthis]

Three men from Virginia planned to attack and destroy black Churches as well as Jewish places of worship with the aim of triggering a racial war. These men planned to raid a jewelry store and then use the plunder to arm themselves to fight against Jews and African Americans. White supremacists are continuing to identify themselves with Odinism or simply Heathenism. This religion seems superior to Christianity and Islam as per their way of seeing things as ‘purer’ in the sense that it is purely comprised of whites.

According to the white supremacists, Christianity is a feminized religion established by Jews, and as such it is weak. They have built their arguments based on the fact Christianity preaches about caring for the poor people and accepting to suffer without revenge. The religion is growing, and although people are not assembling in churches yet, they hold meetings and read ancient tales or poems while sacrificing to their gods. A significant percentage of white supremacists that show a violent behavior are Odinists. The religion has effectively infiltrated prisons where tattoos that are identifiable to the Odinist religion can be seen.

Nordic texts are radicalizing in the sense they tend to give people the notions of homeland, racist, and political ideologies. The transition from active Christianity to Odinism is gradual as the gospel becomes ineffective to the white supremacists while the Odinistic books get a place in their hearts.


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