SPLC Reports Hate Groups in the U.S. is at an All-time High

SPLC Reports Hate Groups in the U.S. are at an All-Time High

Organizations espousing hate have increased following the popularity of extremism. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) said on February 20 the population of active

Sikh’s Turban Saved His Life

How One Sikh Man’s Turban Saved His Life

There have been a surge of hate crimes against Sikhs. Surjit Malhi, a Sikh American is still to recover from his wounds after he

Evangelical Pastor Explains Why He Left Trump’s Board on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Pastor Bernard said the US President can never ascend to heaven Samantha Bee, in her signature program Full Frontal with Samantha Bee literally went

Statue of Liberty

American Muslims & Jews Unite Against Trump’s Hate

By: Stosh Cotler, Bend the Arc Jewish Action, and Farhana Khera, Muslim Advocates Wednesday morning, President Trump tweeted a series of reckless, graphic and

Security Jewish Holidays

High Security on Jewish High Holidays

Anti-Semitism is at its peak This year, the Jewish High Holidays are like none that have been before. The holidays, featuring Rosh Hashanah last

Liberty University alumni send diplomas back

Liberty University Alumni Sending Back Diplomas After Falwell’s Remarks on Charlottesville

Alumni upset with Falwell’s support for Trump Jerry Falwell Jr. opted to defend President Trump in the wake of his statement on the events

Odinism – The Religion of White Supremacists?

Odinism – The Religion of White Supremacists?

White supremacists see Christianity as a feminized religion created by Jews Odinism is a neo polytheist belief system that stems from the Asatru faith.

Graham says Satan is behind Charlottesville

Franklin Graham Says Satan is Behind Charlottesville Hate Attack, Defends Trump

Evangelist leader's remarks are in stark contrast to remarks by other faith leaders After the widespread outcry faced by President Donald Trump after his

Google Updates Algorithm to Eliminate Holocaust Denial and Neo-Nazi Hate Sites

White supremacist website that claims the Holocaust is a hoax has caused the search engine giant to come under fire. Google recently made changes

Triple Parentheses

Anti-Semites Use (((Parentheses))) to Target Jews on Social Media

A virtual (((hug))) is now a virtual (((threat))) used by alt-right Until last year, parentheses represented love in the virtual world. Putting a person's