Narendra Modi

Indian PM Narendra Modi: Religious rights are “non-negotiable”  

Narendra Modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has chastised some of his BJP party colleagues for spreading communal hatred.

Modi stressed that the Indian constitution guarantees religious freedom and non-discrimination for all Indians, and that these rights are “non-negotiable.”

In an interview with news agency UNI Modi stated that his government stands for everyone of the 1.25 billion Indian population regardless of caste or creed, adding that any discrimination or violence against any community will not be tolerated, Times of India reports.

The PM said that the comments made previously by some members of his party were “totally uncalled for,” describing them as “unfortunate.” Muslim clerics in India have welcomed Modi’s statements and announced that they now expect action to be taken against those who attack them in hate speeches.

Controversial remarks by BJP ministers such as Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti and MP Sakshi Maharaj in recent months have caused religious turmoil in India, and directed the spotlight away from the achievements of Modi’s government, the Economic Times reports.

Union minister Sadhvi and others have made several comments which have been perceived as religiously polarizing. Critics have said that “this politics of religious polarisation is very dangerous and spreads hatred.”


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