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Examining Hollywood Christmas Myths: Do You See What I See?

Nativity Manger

Has Hollywood gone too far from the truth in their depictions of the bible’s stories?

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. /Christian Newswire/ — Do you see what I see on television? The pregnant Mary beaten by her father, Mary accused of sleeping with a Herodian soldier, God depicted as a promiscuous, absentee father and Jesus being cajoled in losing his virginity on December 7th’s Family Guy. Pseudo television Bible documentaries on the History/Discovery channels, The Nativity Story film and FOX animated series’ think this is acceptable biblical programming. What do you think?

“There was a time when Hollywood’s portrayal of faith on film was tolerated but no longer,” stated Rick Dack of Defending the Bible Int’l. Satirical, anti-faith bitterness on Adult Swim/Comedy Central, supposedly accurate Bible films (Exodus: Gods and Kings, Noah, The Bible, Son of God) and purportedly neutral (liberal) academic opinions on television documentaries seek to reinvent Judeo-Christianity with bizarre opinions such as God was promiscuous with the mother of Jesus (History Channel); Mary and Joseph were not married; there was no Census; Jesus was not born in Bethlehem; the virgin birth was fiction (A&E); the Apostle Paul rejected the virgin birth; The magi did not follow a star but a potential conjunction of planets / Mary’s acceptance of a palm reading (The Nativity Story); King Herod did not order the Massacre of the Innocents (A&E); Jesus’ family did not flee to Egypt; Matthew invented the virgin birth of Jesus (FOX’s The Simpson’s); Jesus was not the son of God; The Bible is fake (FOX’s American Dad) and Jesus was created by magic (see more examples of Hollywood Bible myths at the Defending the Bible Int’l website —

There are passable cinematic re-tellings of the first Christmas such as portions of “The Jesus film,” “Jesus of Nazareth” and children’s videos like Nest Entertainments Disney-esque “The King is Born” and the updated “Superbook” series but most films lack biblical accuracy. The scriptures are our standard for truth not celluloid or CGI.

What service can the Church use to fully equip itself to defend the scriptures plus receive information on cutting edge entertainment alternatives? Has your Pastor, youth leader and Principal checked out the “Biographies of the Bible” classes and presentations developed by Defending the Bible Int’l? These classes reacquaint Christians with Bible basics.

Defending the Bible International believes that every Christian should re-learn who Bible characters were, what they did, how to apply their life lessons to today’s issues and the historical/archaeological support for biblical characters and events in order to refute media Bible myths once aired. The “Biographies of the Bible” classes and presentations seek to encourage attendees with Hollywood stories of faith (actors, musicians, comedians etc.) and information on pro-faith entertainment alternatives (DVD’s, music, comedians, pro-Bible academics etc). This ministry endorses Christian participation in the arts and entertainment industry with a no compromise yet respectful attitude.” Check out the website ( Merry “Christ”mas.


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