Nick Foles on Ellen

Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles Talks Bible and Prayer on ‘Ellen’

Nick Foles on Ellen
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He is regarded as one of NFL’s best postseason quarterbacks ever

Ellen DeGeneres has many things in common with Nick Foles, despite the two of them having radically different professions.[/tweetit] One of the many common factors in their triumph over extreme adversity. The talk show host was extremely inspired by the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and his wisdom about overcoming the sense of failure after the Super Bowl. DeGeneres was so impressed that she invited the player to her show.

Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles Talks Bible and Prayer on ‘Ellen'[/tweetthis]

Nick Foles, now regarded as the Most Valuable Player when it comes to Super Bowl 52, stressed his faith in the almighty both before the game and after it. His gameplay gave his team-the underdog of the pivotal event- a stunning victory over New England Patriots. He told DeGeneres in detail about facing all his fears and also failures. He then said that God, Bible, and prayer helped him to overcome all psychological fears.

Even some time ago, things were not looking good for Nick Foles at all. He failed to continue his success after he led the league in passing in 2013. He also tied for NFL record when it came to touchdown passes in any game during that time. Foles failed to continue his game winning streak and failed miserably while playing for other teams. Things got so bad that he thought of quitting the game altogether. He said to DeGeneres that he had then fully “lost the joy” of lining up behind the center and playing the technical points of the game. He did not even touch a football for an extremely long time.

Foles' wife, however, stopped him from retirement. She asked him to give the game another chance. The quarterback faced his fears and went back to the field. He put on his shoulder pads even though it left him paralyzed with fear. Things suddenly changed during training- more specifically on the fourth day. Foles had read the Bible before practice and suddenly the veil of gloom disappeared, leaving him with athletic confidence.

Foles subsequently overcame all failures and become the one of best postseason quarterbacks in NFL history. The postseason saw him completing 71.9 percent of all his passes for the 1,166 yards. His passer rating was 113.2 and had eight touchdowns along with one interception. Foles enjoys the best playoff passer rating and playoff completion percentage in NFL history. He also has Super Bowl MVP.


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