Nick Foles on Ellen

Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles Talks Bible and Prayer on ‘Ellen’

He is regarded as one of NFL's best postseason quarterbacks ever Ellen DeGeneres has many things in common with Nick Foles, despite the two

The Star animated nativity

‘The Star’ Brings Nativity Animals to Life in Story of Jesus’ Birth

The film concentrates on the animals present during the nativity Sony's new animated film The Star, shows the journey undertaken by the Holy Family.

David Bowie’s Religion and Religious Beliefs

Reflections on David Bowie’s thoughts about religion and its influence on his music; Religious leaders and musicians react to his death. British musician David

Pope and Trump are Tied for Second Most Admirable Men of 2015

Donald Trump and Pope Francis Tied for Second Most Admired Men in Gallup's Top 10. The most admired woman and man in the world,