The Star animated nativity

‘The Star’ Brings Nativity Animals to Life in Story of Jesus’ Birth

The Star animated nativity
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The film concentrates on the animals present during the nativity

Sony’s new animated film The Star, shows the journey undertaken by the Holy Family. The animals are shown in great detail as the family migrates to Bethlehem. The film concentrates on the Christmas story's important points. A beautiful picture of Mary carefully conveys her role as the mother of Jesus Christ. Reviews of the animated film describe it as a perfect viewing for all those who believe in Christ's love.

‘The Star’ Brings Nativity Animals to Life in Story of Jesus’ Birth[/tweetthis]

The Star is a co-production between Jim Henson Studio and Sony Pictures Animation. The animated format allows the anthropomorphization of a number of beasts who witnessed important historical events. The film particularly concentrates on Bo the donkey (Steven Yuen) and Dave the dove (Keegan-Michael Key). There is also Ruth, a talkative sheep (voiced by Aidy Bryant). There were also the three camels owned by the three wise men. A few other animals were also conceptualized and developed.

The challenge behind this movie is that animals do not normally speak in the Bible. The only exception is the serpent who tricks Adam and Eve. This means that Carlos Kotkin, the screenwriter, must use due artistic license when he tries to imagine what the animals present in the manger when Jesus was born thought of the event.

According to the movie, Bo, the donkey's sole ambition in life was to join the caravan of the king. Without his knowing, he realizes his ambition by carrying Mary (voiced by Gina Rodriguez) towards Bethlehem. The story follows the narrative of the Bible where the new star's appearance heralds a new king's arrival. Christopher Plummer voices Herod, the local tyrant who sends an overzealous soldier to finish his yet to be born rival. The animals are shown in the animated movie to be the first line of defense. This point is highlighted so much that it seems Christianity would never have existed if not for these animals.

Critics are quick to point out the innumerable flaws in the movie. Abby the sheep is extremely close personality-wise to Ellen DeGeneres. In fact, it is so near that DeGeneres' lawyers could have a case going against the film. The film's downward spiral, they point out, begins with the intertitle. The film is a preachy one. Both Mary and Joseph sound upper class.


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