Catholics In Syria Receive Rosaries from Pope Francis

Catholics In Syria Receive Rosaries from Pope Francis

The pope blessed 6,000 rosaries before giving them away to Syrians. Pope Francis is gave 6,000 rosaries he personally blessed to Syrian Catholics[/tweetit] as

L.A. Mayor and Pope Francis Meet at the Vatican

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti and Pope Francis Talk Climate and Immigration at the Vatican

Mayor Garcetti and the pope discuss hot button global issues the two are both passionate about. The Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, met

Are the Gates of Hell in the UK? Anti-Witch Markings Found in Creswell Crags Cave

The markings were previously dismissed as vandalism. A limestone gorge cave at the Derbyshire-Nottinghamshire border, East Midlands, UK was found containing apotropaic marks -

An Ahmadi Muslim’s Message on Christmas

Christmas is a joyous time for Christians all around the world. People's faces shine with excitement on Christmas. Decorations and adornments can be seen

Nazareth Christmas music performances canceled

Christmas Performances Canceled in Nazareth to Protest Trump’s Jerusalem Move; Christmas Market Will Remain Open

Only outdoor singing is barred Ali Salam, the Mayor of Nazareth, has taken the decision to hold all Christmas festivities[/tweetit] despite a palpable anger

Posadas Navidenas

The Posadas Navidenas

The Hispanic celebration of Posadas Navidenas The Posadas Navidenas is a Christian holiday that is celebrated in Latin America and by Hispanics in the


Muslims Deeply Respect Mary (Peace Be On Her)

Maryam (Mary) is a very popular name for Muslim girls. Maryam is the Arabic translation for the name Mary. Maryam (Mary) is a very

The Star animated nativity

‘The Star’ Brings Nativity Animals to Life in Story of Jesus’ Birth

The film concentrates on the animals present during the nativity Sony's new animated film The Star, shows the journey undertaken by the Holy Family.

Roy Moore molestation

Conservatives are Using the Bible to Defend Roy Moore

Zeigler compared Moore's political condition to one of Christ's Former chief justice of the Supreme Court, and a favorite of the U.S. religious right,

Pope Francis Wants Catholics to Focus on Jesus This Christmas

The Holy Father reminds the faithful about Christ’s humble birth; advises Catholics to draw inspiration from Mary and Joseph. Pope Francis gave a call