L.A. Mayor and Pope Francis Meet at the Vatican

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti and Pope Francis Talk Climate and Immigration at the Vatican

L.A. Mayor and Pope Francis Meet at the Vatican

Mayor Garcetti and the pope discuss hot button global issues the two are both passionate about.

The Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, met Pope Francis at the Vatican.[/tweetit] The mayor had a private audience with the pope and the two discussed matters such as the priorities of climate change, poverty, immigration, and young people.

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti and Pope Francis Talk Climate and Immigration at the Vatican[/tweetthis]

Garcetti released a statement on Friday. In the statement, Garcetti said he was grateful to Pope Francis for granting him the humbling and deep honor of meeting him at the Vatican. Garcetti went on to say he was deeply moved by the pope’s words about the matters which will change the future of the planet. He was also thankful to have a chance to speak to Pope Francis about the work both have done to save Earth as well as serve all of humanity.

Garcetti also said Pope Francis shared greetings for the people of Los Angeles. He went on to say the people of Los Angeles are thankful for his prayers, grace, as well as a message of love, understanding, faith, and cooperation. He said the pope’s message brings comfort and peace to people around the world.

Garcetti’s office shared photos with Pope Francis and Eric Garcetti seen speaking and smiling underneath a painting of Mary, Untier of Knots. Pope Francis is especially devoted to Mary, Untier of Knots.

Eric Garcetti has described his religious orientation as being half Catholic and half Jewish in an interview conducted in 2016. Garcetti’s father is a former Los Angeles district attorney, Gil Garcetti, and is of Italian and Mexican descent. Garcetti’s mother is of Russian Jewish heritage.

Eric Garcetti is reported to attend a Jewish congregation in Los Angeles for services. His election in 2013 made him the first elected Jewish Mayor of Los Angeles.

Mayor Garcetti serves as the 42nd Mayor of Los Angeles and is a fourth-generation Angeleno. He was raised in the San Fernando Valley. Mayor Garcetti values justice, dignity, and equality for all people. He is driven to give children and families of every background, income and race the opportunity to receive a good education, live their lives on safe streets, breathe clean air, earn an honest wage, drink clean water, receive affordable child and medical care as well as build a future that they choose.


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