Transgender Woman Asked to Leave Mission for Wearing a Dress

Mission kitchen ejected a transgender woman for wearing female clothing.

A Christian shelter, ejected Isabella Red Cloud, a transgender woman, for wearing a dress.[/tweetit] She went to the Union Gospel Mission in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on April 22 for breakfast, where she was asked to change into male clothes. It was clearly indicated she would be served only if she put on male clothing. Red Cloud was also told she could come back after she was dressed in an appropriate manner.

Transgender Woman Asked to Leave Mission for Wearing a Dress[/tweetthis]

Red Cloud took to social media to share her experience. She activated Facebook Live and told her audience she felt depressed about the whole situation. The following day saw her gaining traction as many social media participants supported her. Thousands of people saw the video. At their urging, she went back to the Mission with her friends. Her actions were re-broadcasted, and the same unidentified Mission employee asked her to leave. The reason was the same as before: she was wearing women's clothing.

Fran Stenburg, the Director of the Union Gospel Mission, said he was not aware of details concerning interactions between Red Cloud and the staff of the Mission. The director confirmed the Mission staff has ordered men to go off the premises on multiple occasions as they wore dresses. Stenburg clarified this kind of incident has nothing to do with transgenders. It is concerned with what is the soul and heart of man. The director said God created Red Cloud as a man.

Stenberg said kitchen visitors who rebel against conformity, including peaceful demeanor and sobriety, create a division. If such a thing happens, they are told to leave. The director continued on to say the Mission is concerned about how the person is, and not about their appearances. It was clear the Mission has a history of clashing with Red Cloud before, as she confirmed. She said it was not the first time she was asked to leave. However, she added it was almost seven years earlier.

Red Cloud was released from incarceration approximately three months before. She has been couch surfing from that time. She made her April 22 visit with the hope the Mission's policy has changed. She believes such places are for every person.


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