Nara Deer Shinto Gods

Deer in Japan’s Nara Prefecture are Messengers of the Gods

In Japan, deer roam free as the messengers of Shinto gods. Visit the city of Nara, in the Nara Prefecture of Japan, and you

Beautifully minimal Buddhist micro-altars are designed for mourning in a modern world

Keita Suzuki has redesigned Buddhist prayer altars for micro-sized Tokyo apartments. Buddhists all around the world will be cheerful at the news that a


Shinto believers take an ice-cold dip to purify their souls for the new year

About 100 male and female Shinto believers marked the 60th annual Shinto Cold-endurance purification festival by bathing in an ice-cold pool of water in

Shinto Princess

Princess Noriko Leaves Title for Love in Marriage to Shinto Priest

Japan's Princess Noriko relinquished her ties to the royal family and married Kunimaro Senge of the Izumo Taisha grand Shinto shrine in a beautiful

Red Data Girl Shinto

Japanese Shinto Religion Inspires Anime TV Show “Red Data Girl”

Red Data Girl is an anime heavily influenced by Japanese Shinto culture. It is a coming-of-age tale featuring a Shinto shrine maiden, but not

Ise Shrine

Japan’s Holiest Shrine Suddenly Breaks This One Centuries Old Tradition

Ise Jingu, Japan's holiest Shinto shrine, breaks tradition and opens its doors to members of every religion to witness one of its oldest rituals. The Ise Shrine (Ise

Obon Festival

What is the Obon Festival and What Does it Celebrate?

The History and Traditions of the Buddhist Obon Festival The Obon Festival season is with us once more!  Urabon, shortened as Obon is a

Mitake Train

This Japanese Vacation Spot Features a Man Who Conducts Both Trains and Shinto Holy Rites

One man can both drive your train up to this popular Japanese vacation spot then conduct your religious ceremonies. On a forested mountain near Tokyo,

Hakone Shrine

The Hakone Shrine is a Beautiful Shinto Holy Site

The Hakone Shrine is a beautiful place for tourists to observe and learn Shinto rituals and customs. Shintoism is the predominant religion in Japan,

Female Shinto Priest

Former IT Professional Becomes Shinto Shrine’s First Female Priest in 16 Years

Left: Newly appointed Shinto Priest, Hiroko Takayama, stands in front of the shrine where she worships, Dazaifu Tenmangu. Right: Shinto Shrine Dazaifu Tenmangu, built