Dalai Lama China

China Demands Control over Dalai Lama’s Reincarnation

As tensions between China and Tibet rise, China demands control over the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama who Read More

Religious Hostility 2014

Study Proves Religious Hostility Persists in the West

A recent study found that religious hostility persists, even in western nations that many would believe were free Read More

Em Phoeung

Monk Em Phoeung Testified Against Khmer Rouge Genocide

Em Phoeung survived through the Khmer Rouge regime and, forty years later, is testifying in Cambodia Courts against Read More

Shameem Bahai

Australian Singer Shameem Shares Her Baha’i Faith in Her…

Australian singer-songwriter Shameem has followed her Baha'i faith through life and into commercial success with her latest album, The Second Read More

Nara Deer Shinto Gods

Deer in Japan’s Nara Prefecture are Messengers of the…

In Japan, deer roam free as the messengers of Shinto gods. Visit the city of Nara, in the Read More

Sacred Sperm

‘Sacred Sperm’ Discusses the Taboo Topic of Masturbation

Ori Gruder is a filmmaker and Orthodox Jew whose documentary Sacred Sperm explores the taboo of self pleasure. Read More

Atheist Psychiatrist Treats Religious Person

Can an atheist psychiatrist treat a believer?

Psychiatrist Jean Kim is an atheist who has reflected on her capacity to treat those with religious beliefs Read More

Egyptian Atheist Jailed Facebook

Egypt sentences atheist college student to three years in…

An Egyptian college student was sentenced to three years in prison for expressing his atheist beliefs after insulting Read More

Breaking Bad Lady Of Death

Inside the religion of the Lady of Death, as…

The Lady of Death, or Santa Muerte, became popular after being in AMC's hit show Breaking Bad, but Read More