Shinto Priests and Air Force Chaplain Bless Firefighters at Yokota Air Base

Shinto priests bless a fire engine at an historic ceremony at the Yokota Air Base in Japan. Japanese Shinto priests helped an Air Force

Buddhist Temples are Closing in Japan At A Startling Rate

Buddhist Temples will shut down in Japan due to lack of Parishioners and Priests. Many Japanese Buddhist temples, their numbers running to thousands, are

Niiame Sai

Japan Celebrates Shinto Holiday Niiname Sai – “Celebrations of the First Taste”

Japanese thanksgiving, Niiname Sai, gives thanks to the Kami who provides the elements of nature that provide the fall harvest. In Japanese culture, Shinto's

Buddhism same-sex

Same-Sex Marriage banned in Japan but this Buddhist Priest Will Still Marry You

Buddhist Priest Zenryu Kawakami has made Shunkoin Temple is a safe haven for same-sex marriage in Japan. Same-sex marriage has become a hotbed for

Japan’s Christians Might be Hidden, but their Faith is Strong

How Japanese Christians have managed to camouflage their Christianity. The first taste of Christianity to the Land of the Rising Sun came in the

How to Honor this Ancient Japanese Religion With Your Socks

Ancient Kitsune fox spirit knee high socks are Shinto-chic. Japan is famous for its cultural exports that have caught fire in the rest of

Genbaku Dome

Pope Francis Declares Japan Nuclear Bombings a “Lasting Warning to Humanity”

Genbaku Dome, the only building let standing after the nuclear bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. The building remains as it was found

First Japanese Church of Scientology ‘Ideal Org’ Opens in Tokyo, Japan

At the Church of Scientology Tokyo inauguration, Parliamentary and local Japanese leaders spoke to celebrate the efforts and contributions of Scientology's programs during the

Shinto Nachi Fire Festival: Celebrating the Spirit of the Waterfall

The Nachi Fire Festival, locally referred to as the Nachi No Ogi Matsuri, is a religious holiday celebrated in Kumano mountains located in the

Multireligious Japanese

Multireligious Japanese: Many Practice Celebrations of Several Religions, Not Just One

via Flickr 1, 2, 3, CC by 2.0 Although worshipping is no longer a significant part of daily living in Japan, Japanese individuals practice