Picture of Ryuku from Death Note

Fascinating Religious Background of ‘Death Note’ on Netflix

Netflix Movie based on Anime Blends Eastern and Western Religion Netflix released last Friday their live action adaption of Death Note, a hugely successful

Tanabata, the Festival of the Stars

A celebration of star-crossed lovers Every society has its own share of folklore. For the Japanese, Tanabata, the Festival of the Stars, is based

Setsubun-sai: Japan’s New Year’s Bean Throwing Celebration

Shinto traditions of the Setsubun-sai festival. Setsubun-sai (seasonal division) is an ancient Shinto celebration that marks the start of the Japanese New Year.[/tweetit] Shinto

A Shinto Priest Explains Basic Concepts of the Religion

Shinto Priest Taishi Kato explains the "way of kami." As long as human beings have walked the surface of the earth, they have attempted

Shinto Dolls Used in Horror Attraction are Misleading

Shinto Dolls Used in Horror Attraction are Misleading

Universal Studios Japan receives protests over a Shinto doll Halloween attraction. Every Halloween, Universal Studios puts on a special show, dubbed Halloween Horror Nights,

LDS Church Announces Sapporo Japan Temple is Open for Public Tours

Public tours of the Sapporo Japan Mormon Temple will run July 8 through July 23. The Sapporo Japan Temple is a temple of The

Prime Minister of Japan will Take G7 Leaders to the Renowned Shinto Shrine at Ise

Shinzo Abe and G7 leaders will visit the Ise Shrine during summit being held in Japan this week. Japan is all set to host

How A Monk Uses Science to Get People Interested in Faith

A monk in Tokyo is using astronomy as a way to encourage interest in Buddhism. From the outside, Shoganji Temple located in Tokyo’s Katsushika

Ancient Japanese Shinto Shrine Damaged by Quake

1,700-year-old Shinto shrine "Cherry Blossom Gate" collapsed in an earthquake that hit Japan. Japan was hit by a 6.4-magnitude earthquake April 14. It killed


First Ever Book Series Outside Japan on Shinto Tradition

California scholars Allan Georges Grapard and Fabio Rambelli create America's first Shinto study book series. Bloomsbury Publishing has become the first publishing house outside