Shinto Priest’s Nieces Save His Temple with Anime

Four years ago, two teenage girls, the nieces of Yasuykuki Saito, got up to mischief and drew cute Read More

Cardinal Egan

Memorial Services Begin for Former NY Archbishop Edward Egan

Ceremonies began honoring the recently deceased Cardinal Edward M. Egan who was the former Archbishop of New York. Read More

Breakaway Episcopalians Win in Texas Church Property Case

Judge John Chupp of the Tarrant County ruled in favor of the breakaway Episcopalian group. The group broke Read More

Buddhist Temple Fire

Priest Dead In Fort Smith Buddhist Temple Fire 

Fort Smith, Arkansas: a Buddhist priest has died at the Wat Lao Buddharam temple after a fire broke out Read More

CNN Searches History in New Show Finding Jesus

A new show called Finding Jesus: Fact, Faith, Forgery has premiered on CNN, and it is already getting Read More

Judge okays Atheist “Reason Station” in conjunction with “Prayer…

A federal judge has ruled that the city of Warren must allow a “reason station” in city hall Read More