Hakone Shrine

The Hakone Shrine is a Beautiful Shinto Holy Site

Hakone Shrine

The Hakone Shrine is a beautiful place for tourists to observe and learn Shinto rituals and customs.

Shintoism is the predominant religion in Japan, with several holy sites spread over the islands. Even for those who do not follow the religion, there is a great deal of beauty that and spirituality that can be experienced at the shrines. One of the most notable shrines is located in Hakone, where they welcome visitors to watch as they perform their rites. Here we will explore three of the most important reasons to consider a visit to the Hakone Shrine in the Ashigarashimo District.

The Location Of The Shrine

One of the best parts about the location of the Shinto shrine is that it is on the beautiful lake Ashi and has a rich history that stretches all the way back to the middle of the seventeenth century. This lake is a wonderful place to visit during the summer and winter months, each with its particular charm. You can take boat rides to and from the coast that holds the shrine and that of the mountains across the lake.

Spiritual Connectivity

Unlike some other religions throughout the world, Shintoism encourages onlookers to view their religious services. Here you can observe them carry out the various dedications which are unique, and typically involve a great deal of unfamiliar practices. The Hakone shrine is one of the best suited for large crowds, as it can fit many practitioners as well as observers. From here you are just about guaranteed to be able to see the various priests and dancers as they complete the rituals throughout the ceremony. Even for those who do not share the religious beliefs, the ceremony can promote connectivity and invoke a sense of spiritualism.

The August Main Festival

The best reason to consider traveling to the Hakone Shrine is to see the main festival in August. This is a complete celebration that involves an elaborate ceremony that takes an entire day, usually on August 1. During this particular celebration you can see a vast display of priests and dancers, as well as individuals who take on the characteristics of various deities in order to celebrate traditional victories. There are also other events held throughout the day such as a marathon race as well as recreations of historical battles. Considering all of these reasons, it is easy to see the cultural and religious significance of the Hakone Shrine.


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