Quaker George Fox

How Quakers Celebrate Christmas

Celebrations if any, are subdued. Quakers do not believe Christmas is a special day among all other holidays worth celebrating.[/tweetit] This practice started from

Pizza Party for Pope Francis's 81st Birthday

Pizza Party for Pope’s 81st Birthday

Pope Francis has Levity and Frank Social Discussion on His Birthday Pope Francis stayed true to both his cultural heritage and his social justice

Nazareth Christmas music performances canceled

Christmas Performances Canceled in Nazareth to Protest Trump’s Jerusalem Move; Christmas Market Will Remain Open

Only outdoor singing is barred Ali Salam, the Mayor of Nazareth, has taken the decision to hold all Christmas festivities[/tweetit] despite a palpable anger

This Hip Hop Christmas TV Special Will Blow Your Mind

This Hip Hop Christmas TV Special Will Blow Your Mind

Snoop Dogg, DMX, Fifth Harmony, Boyz II Men Performed Showtime at the Apollo had a Christmas special that might change the way you think

Posadas Navidenas

The Posadas Navidenas

The Hispanic celebration of Posadas Navidenas The Posadas Navidenas is a Christian holiday that is celebrated in Latin America and by Hispanics in the

FFRF Explains Real “Reason for the Season”: Earth’s Tilt; Americans Say Religious Aspects of Christmas Declining

The axial tilt is the reason for season Vocal Americans who loudly complain that there is a war on Christmas[/tweetit] should gather more of

Haim Hanukkah song

Haim Rocks Hanukkah Anthem

"Sandler we're coming for you." According to a Pew Reasearch Center survey, 9 in 10 Americans celebrate Christmas. Christmas songs can be heard on

Cow Escapes Nativity Scene Twice in One Night

Cow Escapes Nativity Scene Twice in One Night

"Stormy" causes an unusual night in Philadelphia It was definitely not another night in Philadelphia. Twice in just a few hours, a cow was

Twitter Goes Crazy Over Gay Nativity Scene

The old joke of Jesus Christ having two daddies until now was just a joke to be shared in private, but Cameron Esposito, the

War on Christmas Continues Over DC Metro

War on Christmas Begins Over Advertising On Washington D.C. Buses

The Catholic Church responded by stating this order violates the First Amendment. A Catholic advertisement campaign has been rejected by the Washington Metro as